Nothing beats living in a place surrounded by the sea, especially if you're the type that likes to relax in beach houses! With that said, why not bring up the relaxation even further by getting yourself some high-quality residential elevators for your Atlantic Beach property?

Affordable Elevator can provide you with comfort and convenience by offering every homeowner a cargo lift in places like Atlantic Beach, NC and its surrounding regions! Whether you’re a business owner that deals with supply purchasing every day to keep a restaurant going, or perhaps a hotel owner that accommodates visiting tourists, or a local resident who just wants to skip the agony of going up the stairs with your heavy groceries, our lifts are the perfect solution!

They come in 4 versions, each unit having its own perk. But whatever you choose, rest assured that they’re all sturdy enough to withstand loads as heavy as 1200lbs and external winds as strong as 140mph. They come with safety systems as well as warranty for both the structural and electric parts. And when you choose us, we’ll also provide you with installation and add-ons for your elevator!

Simply check our home page or services page for more information on our lifts. For questions or inquiries, call us at 910-471-2376 or send us an email at Affordable Elevator: providing comfort and convenience through vertical lift solutions.