As an official dealer of Galaxy Unlimited, LLC’s products, we at Affordable Elevator offer the most high-quality residential and commercial lifts in Hampstead, NC and even in the surrounding areas! With 4 types of cargo lifts available in our stock, we can provide you the best possible convenience there is when it comes to vertical transport.

Our cargo lifts come in 4 types: the Smart Shuttle, Voyager Cargo Lift, Voyager Premium Lift, and Orion. These lifts can reach heights of up to 17 or 27 feet, depending on the type and can carry up to 1,000 or 1,200 lbs of items all at once! This means that our cargo lifts, though compact, can deliver heavy packages and even people to your shop’s or beach house’s upper floors. It’s so powerful that one could even use them as vertical wheelchair lifts.

Rest assured that these units are as safe as lifts can be, whether you’re planning to put them inside or outside your building. Aside from their 4 or 5 I-Beam support, they are also engineered to withstand up to 140 mph of wind. From its crank drive system to the lift’s floor platform itself, rest assured that our lift components are made to last. Depending on the unit you’re planning to get, you may even have a Safeguard Deterrent System installed for it to minimize accidents.

With that said, we don’t merely sell these lifts we also provide professional installations and DIY kits! What’s more, is that our products are all covered by a warranty issued by their manufacturers, ensuring that each unit performs at an optimum level and brings each customer only the highest satisfaction.

Aside from that, we also provide add-ons for all our commercial and residential lifts in and out of Hampstead, NC. Among those add-ons are the extra parts that make up a whole lift, such as cables, motor, gearbox, remote, gates, and even an overhead cover.

So call us today at 910-471-2376 or send us an email at and get your own cargo lift! End your days of carrying large packages up to your second floor or even higher let our affordable residential and commercial elevators give you a lift instead!