In Need of a Home Elevator for Your Beach House?
We are Your Local Cargo Lift Installer in Atlantic Beach, NC

Atlantic Beach is a beautiful town filled with many tourist destinations. Surrounded by beautiful beaches, it’s no wonder that it’s such a popular tourist destination and that many people choose to live there. Many homes are situated near the beach where homeowners can look at the beach and view the sunrise or sunset. To maximize the scenic views, many homes are also built with multiple levels. One major disadvantage to this, however, is the difficulty of moving items up and down the stairs. To remedy this, many homes install cargo lifts to help them move things around. If you want one for your home by the beach, call us at Affordable Elevator LLC, your local cargo lift installer in Atlantic Beach, NC.

Although the place is popular for its many beaches and beautiful sparkling water, its rich history and culture are what makes it more special. It is also home to Fort Macon which draws thousands of tourists each year. A popular state park and Civil War Fort, visitors can tour the old fort, take hikes, go fishing, swimming, and many more. And that’s not the only place they can visit, it’s also a popular destination for people who like to go fishing. If you live by the beach and you also own a boat, it would be a good idea to also buy a boat lift to protect it from damage. Although Affordable Elevator LLC is primarily a cargo lift installer in Atlantic Beach, NC, we also sell boat lifts if you want to buy one from us.

Equip your property in Atlantic Beach with the proper home elevators to help you carry materials and even people onto the upper level of your home. You can also have one installed on your beachfront property if you want. Choose from our featured lifts on our Cargo Lifts page or call us so we can help you choose one that’s best for you and your needs. Call us today at 910-471-2376.

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